December 30, 2011

Its a long strange life, isn't it?

The end of the year snuck up on me, I thought I'd have some more time to do something a little more special, but man does it all go by so quickly. And at the same time, looking back it seems like this year dragged on forever. I think I've been four or five different people since I've started doing this blog in August, four of five more in the dark days that preceded that; there are a great many of those people I was that I didn't like very much, but the idea is to leave those inferior versions of ourselves behind, back in the dust, let go and move on to be something, someone, more.

Cindy Lauper said it best when she said "Oh shit, my career is over". No, no, kidding, totally kidding, she said it best when she said "Girls just want to have fun", or when she sang it to be more precise. Just from general observation and my own experience, that's as true a statement as any other. SO... helping us out today with the last post of the 2011 will be Playboy's Playmates of the Year from 2000 - 2010. I thought that would be fitting.

2000 Jodi Ann Paterson

I've still got that issue with Jodi Ann Paterson stashed away somewhere, I know because I remembered this shot right away.

This isn't going to be one of those "Best of 2011" nonsense articles that you're going to be seeing everywhere on just about everyTHING, no, I'll leave that to everyone else. It's not just because everyone else is doing it, they are, but because I tend to find those things completely ridiculous. Have you ever seen a "Best of" anything that didn't have something in the order that made you scream "What the F are you talking about!" ? Same goes for the "Worst of"....
2001: Brande Roderick

Who the hell gets to decide these things anyway? It's all very subjective, like the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and personally I find most of what's main stream to be completely ridiculous. The Yankees didn't win the World Series this year, that's firmly in my "Worst of" list. If you even give a damn at all there's a good chance you just let out a hearty cheer. See what I mean?

2002: Dalene Kurtis

Somewhere in there I got the best birthday present I've ever gotten from the very same person that turned me on to this site to be able to pump these pieces out to you every day. Both of those were great things for me this year, but that same person also drove me absolutely ape shit for months, and most of that was due to my own neurosis. So there's no point to any of that either. I honestly don't know what my personal best of 2011 is, nor do I know my worst, much less want to rehash that.

2003: Christina Santiago

Too often we get caught up in looking back on the past anyway. How many of us lead our lives that way, carrying all the crap we were supposed to leave behind into every encounter we have right now? The answer is most of us, so continuing with the exercise is just poor practice and no way to start off the new year, even if it is meant to just be a reflection on all that is no more.

2004: Carmella DeCesare

Looking ahead to the future is a minefield just as dangerous. None of it has happened yet, its all in our imagination, and the old "New Years Resolution" is a convenient mechanism for justifying procrastination. January 1 on the calendar isn't going to change any of the wrong actions any of us have taken in the countless days and years that came before.... its another "I'll do it when..." and quickly becomes next year.

2005: Tiffany Fallon

There aint no time like the present, which is a stupid thing to say while I show off pictures of women who were beautiful ten years ago but could look more like the southbound end of a northbound mule at the moment for all I know, but it also happens to be true. There IS no time but the present, right now, this moment....

2006: Kara Monaco

And what I know, right now, in this moment, is that through my many trials and tribulations of 2011, because of them, as the old is swept under the rug and the new about to be rolled out, I am a far stronger, wiser, and dare I say better man, and better person, than I was when the year started.

2007: Sara Jean Underwood

There won't be any listing of accomplishments or blowing myself now either. If I could do that I wouldn't be wasting my time typing this, I'd be at home taking action. You have all come with me over the past few months through a journey of nonsense and self discovery, and if you're a fan of this page you already know all of the "accomplishments" I may have gained.....

2008: Jayde Nicole

There have been times when I was able to tap into the better parts of who I am, as well as the good I see in others, and presented a path that would be a warmer, friendlier road to travel through this long strange thing we call life. Moving forward, these are the characteristics and ideals that need to be focused upon, nurtured, brought to life.

There have been times when I pissed and moaned, bitched and complained, or assassinated the character of certain people that I really know nothing about and am way off base on. In the past few days, something in the holidays I guess, I've come to see clear as can be that everything that I've ever complained about in other people was never anything more than bitching at myself for the things I see in me that I don't like and can't accept.

Its such an important concept, a HUGE one.....

2009: Ida Ljungqvist

Moving forward, my focus has to be on those things, the improvements I can make in myself, and to me, that's what New Years Celebrations are really about, not looking back, but moving forward.

In the coming days you'll be getting an opportunity to look into the entire maddening thought processes that I've gone through in the time we've been together and see just what a mad man I really am, how great, and how terrible. The "Best Of" and the "Worst Of" coalesce into a whole person, into a life, my life, your life, and its the same way for us all, those we love, those we hate. We all go through the same process, even if yours may be a clearer, cleaner path than my own. Its an important idea to keep in mind when we look at other people and ask what the hell is wrong with them, or pontificate on their greatness. Out there somewhere someone is doing the same thing to you, but in the end, we're all the same really.

2010: Hope Dworaczyk

Thank You so much for allowing me to share the many things that I have so far. My hope, moving forward, is that we can all look at the ways that we can improve ourselves and our situations in life to cross that magical threshold into the life we want to live. My hope, moving forward, is that before we judge one another, put each other down or point our fuckin fingers and say "That's the bad guy!", we take a step back and understand we're all screwed up in some way and just trying to do our best to make it through, whatever it is we're trying to get through, in the only ways we know how to deal, and that idea will lead to a little more compassion in the world. My hope, moving forward, is that we begin to mold a new reality, one that's closer to the heart, further from your iPod.

And I hope I can find a way to do this for a living, because its fun.

That's all folks!


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